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Everybody is always teasing each other all the time. I work with a room full of boys basically - which is great because I get to be a little stinker too. For instance, sometimes when I am doing a scene with Jon Huertas… It will be my close up and we both share an affection for ‘The Princess Bride’. So he’s a big dork and I will give him an order as Beckett and he will sashay out of the scene as Esposito and just before he does - and it’s always on my close up - he’ll go “As you wish!” …and you’ll see sometimes they’ll keep it on my face and there is always a little twinkle in my eye. - Stana Katic (x)

'An old gypsy woman. To reward your bravery she gave you a talisman. She said as long as you keep it no harm will ever befall you.'